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KATSUJUN Lip Essence

1,200 yen (tax excluded)
Net quantity:

Anti aging* beauty essence for lips. For well toned and well hydrated, beautiful lips.
The smooth consistency will hug your lips tight, maintaining tone and hydration. Gives a brightness to lips that lose color easily.

No added fragrance/free from tar-based pigments/paraben-free
* Age-appropriate skin care

Product details

For beautiful plump and glossy lips

Keep your lips looking pouty, like they’ve just had a face mask!

Forms a veil of locked-in hydration while the smooth consistency adheres close, with the “hydration wrapping formula”. Prevents roughness and dryness.

Easy to apply, consistency feels comfortable

We use a special “kneading process”, which involves melting the ingredients at just the right temperature then kneading them together, then putting them in the container while they are still soft where they harden. This makes the product even easier to spread, and will make it hug the lips subject to roughness and wrinkles.

Repairs dullness with a touch of pink in the base

The touch of pink will give your lips a natural brightness and volume. Gives a brightness to dry lips that lose color easily.

Features of KATSUJUN Lip Essence

Instantly plump and always hydrated skin with the “hydration wrapping formula”.

From the moment it touches your lips, it envelopes them like a face mask, locking in hydration.

Moisturizing ingredients, Emollient ingredients, Hydration net (aqueous polymers), Several types of hydration wrapping ingredients, Hydrating tone and elasticity ingredients, Glossy, Elastic, Plump

Spreads out smoothly, penetrating cosmetic ingredients.
Forms a net of hydration that fits to the shape of your lips, locking in a rich veil of moisture.
Instant cover of concerning wrinkles, both horizontal and vertical.

For well toned and glossy lips

Hydrating tone and elasticity ingredients, Tone, Softness, Fermented hyaluronic acid, Hydrating ingredients manufactured with bio-technology using microbe-assisted fermentation, Type 2 collagen, Collagen, the fibrous protein which makes up the skin, Royal jelly, A substance secreted by worker bees, with excellent moisturizing effects, Pomegranate extract, An extract taken from pomegranate, which is an excellent moisturizer, Specially selected emollient ingredients, Luster, Smoothness, Protection, Rice bran wax, Plant-based wax separated and extracted from inside rice bran, Locks in hydration, Apricot kernel oil, An oil extracted from the seeds of apricots. Excellent moisturizing effects, Safflower oil, An oil-based ingredient harvested from the seeds of safflowers. For smooth and hydrated skin, Peach seed oil, Oil extracted from the seeds of peaches. Giving you hydrated, smooth skin.

We recommend this product if you:

◎are concerned about dry or thin lips. ◎are concerned about your lips losing their redness, and looking dull.
◎are concerned about horizontal and vertical wrinkles on your lips. ◎want basic anti-aging care for your lips.
◎have started to lose volume in your lips, and your lip outline has become faded.

Compound cosmetic ingredients

Emollient ingredients: Rice bran wax, apricot kernel oil, safflower oil, peach seed oil, petrolatum
Hydrating tone and elasticity ingredients: Fermented hyaluronic acid, type 2 collagen, royal jelly extract, pomegranate extract, glycerin
Moisturizing ingredients: Sodium lactate, glycosyl trehalose, glycerin

<Brand name: MAIHADA KATSUJUN Lip Essence>

All ingredients:

Diisostearyl malate, polybutene, triisostearin, petrolatum, lauroyl glutamic acid, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl/behenyl lauroyl glutamate, polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, cetyl ethylhexanoate, polyethylene, silica dimethyl silylate, silica, apricot seed oil, glycosyl trehalose, carthamus tinctorius, pomegranate skin extract, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid, peach seed oil, royal jelly extract, hydrolyzed collagen, soluble collagen, butylene glycol, BHT, dipropylene glycol, dextrin isostearate, rice bran wax, dimethicone, squalane, sorbitan sesquioleate, dextrin, hydrogen dimethicone, dipentaerythrityl hexahydroxystearate/hexastearate/hexarosinate, methicone, lecithin, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, water, sodium lactate, phenoxyethanol, titanium dioxide, iron oxides

※Apricot kernel oil is apricot kernel oil, carthamus tinctorius is safflower oil, fermented hyaluronic acid is sodium hyaluronate, type 2 collagen is hydrolyzed collagen/soluble collagen, pomegranate extract is pomegranate skin extract.

Method of use

How much should I use?

Apply as much as you need to your lips.

How long will it last?

About 250 uses.

Method of use

Apply the tube directly to your lips and spread, or put a small amount on your finger and apply.

※Can be used as a base for lipstick.

For effective use: Maihada original massage

  1. STEP1

    Put a slightly larger amount than normal on your lips either directly with the tube or with your finger.


  2. STEP2

    Massage from the center of your lips to the corners of your mouth, drawing small circles with your fingertips.

  3. STEP3

    Spread the product still remaining on your lips out to the edges of your mouth. Do so while drawing the corners of your mouth upwards.

※After use, make sure you replace the cap after wiping around the opening with a tissue.
※Occasionally a transparent liquid (one of the ingredients) may come out, but is not a problem with the quality.

Step by step skin care routine