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KATSUJUN Lift Essence

9,000 yen (tax excluded)
Net quantity:
30 mL

Anti-aging care* beauty essence that envelopes your skin luxuriously, giving your skin lift. Gives you great tone, full of hydration and very pliable, meaning skin that has a beautiful sheen and a sense of liveliness. We have carried out the wrinkle effect evaluation test, to make sure small wrinkles due to dryness disappear.

*Skin care for different ages
Fragrance free, colorless, no mineral oils, weak acid levels

Product details

For a lifted tone as though everything has been picked up

Thorough research into adult skin.
This Beauty essence will give you tone that springs back, with a luxurious moisturizing ingredient compound.

Adds hydrating tone and elasticity ingredients, which support adult skin problems to the list of hydrating ingredients, which includes Rice Power No. 11.
Growing skin that won't be troubled by slackness around your mouth and jawline, or fine wrinkles from dryness.

Penetrates quickly, giving continuing tone and hydration!Hydration elasticity injection formula

Enables cosmetic ingredients to quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum, and forms a veil that hydrates the skin surface. The rich hydration will give your skin a firm tone.

Feels like everything has been lifted up

Anti-aging care beauty essence that feels great to put on, and combines invigoration with richness. From the moment it touches your skin, your skin will feel firmer in tone and elasticity. Your skin will develop a plump texture, and be full of life.

Why use KATSUJUN Lift Essence?

Lock in tone and hydration with the hydration elasticity injection formula

Absorbs and locks in cosmetic ingredients throughout the stratum corneum. Maintains tone and hydration for many hours.

Hydration elasticity injection formula

The bonds between stratum corneum cells will temporarily loosen, and cosmetic ingredients will be absorbed to the bottom of the stratum corneum.
Apply the cosmetic ingredients and the stratum corneum bonds will reform, firmly sealing in tone and hydration with a veil.

Increase tone and elasticity with 11 different ingredients!

Hydrating tone and elasticity ingredients moisturizing ingredients

We recommend this product if you:

◎worry about drooping or lack of tone in your cheeks ◎worry about fine wrinkles around your mouth and eyes ◎feel your skin does not have enough elasticity ◎worry about dryness ◎worry about slackness in your jawline

Compound cosmetic ingredients

Moisturizing ingredients: Rice Power No. 11, calamus extract, sodium lactate, glycosyl trehalose, glycerin
Hydrating tone and elasticity ingredients: rice bran, fermented soybean solution, fermented hyaluronic acid, fermented polymers, 2 types of collagen, polymers that support the sensation of tone, glycerin
Allergy test completed

*Product may still cause allergic reactions in some people.
<Brand name: MAIHADA KATSUJUN Lift Essence>

All ingredients:

Water, ethanol, glycerin, DPG, BG, PEG-150, squalane, behenyl alcohol, dimer dilinoleic acid (phytosteryl/ isostearyl/ cetyl/ stearyl/ behenyl), orange oil, glycosyl trehalose, rice extract, calamus extract, tocopherol, bacillus/ (rice bran extract/ soybean extract) fermentation liquid, sodium hyaluronate, polyglutamic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen, (sodium acrylate/ acryloyl dimethyltaurine sodium) copolymer, isohexadecane, ethyl oleate, sorbitol oleate, xanthan gum, propylene glycol dicaprate, dimethicone, stearic acid, sodium methyl stearoyl taurate, sorbitan sesquioleate, hexa (hydroxystearic acid/ stearic acid/ resin acid), dipentaerythrityl, polysorbate 80, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, hydrogenated rapeseed oil fatty acid glyceride, sodium lactate, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

*Rice bran and fermented soybean is bacillus (rice bran extract/ soybean extract) fermentation liquid, fermented hyaluronic acid is sodium hyaluronate, fermented polymers V is polyglutamic acid and xanthan gum, 2 types of collagen is hydrolyzed collagen and water-soluble collagen, polymers that support the sensation of tone is PEG-150.

Method of use

How much should I use?

Two pumps worth.

How long will it last?

About 1-1.5 months (This estimate is based on if you use it every day twice a day morning and night in the appropriate amount.)

Method of use

  1. Step 1

    Pump onto your hand twice, then spread over your face completely. Next, rub in with both hands as though you were lifting up your face.

  2. Step 2

    If you cover your whole face with the palms of your hands at the end, you will increase the sensation of penetration, achieving a supple toned sensation.

*When first using this product, press down on the pump several times until the product comes out.
*If you remove the pump while there is still product left air will enter the container, making it difficult for the product to come out, so don't remove the pump until you have finished using the product.
*Wipe around the pump area and replace the lid after use.

Step by step skin care routine

Customer Comments

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General assessment

★★★★★ 5.0
  • Good

    ★★★★★ 5.0
    Mofu (30s)
    September 5, 2014

    I didn't really notice anything straight away, but I think it stopped my foundation soaking into my pores when I used it before putting on makeup. I have changed from skin improvement essence to this for when I am getting dressed up to go out.

  • Makes my skin happy

    ★★★★★ 5.0
    Kumame (50s)
    June 15, 2015

    I tried a sample and I really liked it, so I bought the product. Put a large dollop in your hand and massage it in, and you’ll really feel different. My skin feels lifted up. As I’ve got older, I have noticed that massage is really important too. Use this essence and massage it in, expect it to work- and you’ll be granted with constant upliftedness.